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Boss Level Confidence

This week I collaborated with StoreyLine and guest wrote an article for their blog, "How to Live a Badass Confident Life" - aka my favorite subject to chat about.

If you are new to StoreyLine, they bring innovative brands with compelling stories and experiences to the consumer - both IRL and online. Check out their IG here:

Here's the article!

Not one of us came out of the womb with killer confidence, yet how many times has it been said that “confidence is key” or “confidence is the most attractive quality”?

Because you are reading this and follow StoreyLine, I know that you are passionate about innovation, about having your voice heard, about fixing something that you find is broken or missing in our world. Did you know that you could have the BEST thing to say in the world and the most cutting-edge ideas, but if you don’t convey them confidently, your message may not get the traction it deserves?

Going out on a limb here – do you watch Shark Tank? It’s probably one of my favorite shows to click through channels and choose if I see that it is on. It’s funny, it’s inspiring, it’s entertaining, and we hate to love Mark. Do you know what one of my biggest takeaways from that show is? They invest in the people they believe in. The ones who are passionate and speak with confidence. The ones that are so confident in themselves that it makes the Sharks confident in them. Those are the entrepreneurs that strike gold.

So, how do we bridge the gap from A to B? How do we get to this elusive, confident sense of self, and why does it seem so easy for everyone else we see on Instagram, on the street, on Shark Tank, and everywhere we look? 

Well, I’m here to tell you that most of them are faking it ‘til they make it - and you can get there too. 

I spent too long holding myself back by comparing myself to others wondering why I wasn’t like them, thinking my differences set me apart in a bad way. I grew up overweight, and when I started my fitness journey there seemed to be no one out there that I connected with physically - no one seemed to look like me. When I thought about taking the jump into instructing, I held myself back. I didn't think people would take me seriously because of my size. And, honestly, some didn't. But some did. It took me a long time to realize what makes me different is my strength. 

I'm passionate about helping others put an end to the limiting thoughts of self-doubt and get on with living their best life- and I believe that all stems from developing strong self confidence. 

To read more about my story, you can find it here on my blog.

I created Workout With Mer based on my personal experiences as a platform to help others get out of their own way and step into their most confident, authentic, happy self – the best version of YOU as early as possible.

Just like our muscles, confidence is something you relentlessly need to work on for it to grow. I know that from experience, through trial and error. I am going to let you in on some tips, tricks, and powerful daily habits so you too can live your most confident, authentically happy life. Let’s start TAKING UP SPACE together. I'm so pumped to be on this journey with YOU, reading this!

I am going to let you in on 3 powerful daily practices you can start doing TODAY that will help fast track you on a path towards authentic confidence. The kind of confidence that follows you around like a really great perfume – strong but subtle, drawing people in making them want to learn more about you.

  1. Set goals. Think big. 5, 10 year goals. Write them down. Then, figure out the steps you need to get there. Those steps turn into your 12 month goals, your 6 month goals, your 1 month goals, your weekly goals, your daily goals. Review them often and have the mental fortitude to hold yourself accountable.

  2. Enter every conversation with the intention of learning something new about the other person. We’re talking more than the lame “hi how are you?” “I’m good, you?” “good”. Who likes doing that? No one. The more legitimate conversations you have, the better you will get at it, the more confident you will be when meeting new people.

  3. Do something for your appearance that makes you feel good. Hey, I get it – we’re in quarantine and we’ve been in our loungewear for months. Double that with being in the fitness industry and most of my clothing consisting of spandex – I love comfort. There are ways to make comfy clothes look good. You can also take time to fix your hair or beef up your skincare and grooming routine. You can do it; a new episode of Queer Eye was just released. Time to make JVN proud!

These are small things but when we set out to do them, they can be daunting. I encourage you to push yourself to do the small things that seem big over and over until they don’t seem like anything at all. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

Now go out and live your badass confident life!


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