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self-love, self-acceptance, and staying true to yourself

Let’s talk about body acceptance.⁠

About anti-diet culture.⁠

About working out to feel good instead of to “sweat out” whatever you had the day before.⁠

I’m still on my journey.⁠

Sometimes I get caught up thinking I need to restrict an uncomfortable amount, work harder than what’s recommended, and to do double of what’s “normal” because I have COVID weight to lose.⁠

Then I remember, this is a thought placed into my head courtesy of the society we are a part of. One year ago, my whole damn life was turned upside down and yeah I gained 15 pounds.⁠

If someone cares enough to notice & comment then that reflects more on who they are than who I am.⁠

Stay true to yourself, fam. People are always going to try to bring you down - don’t let them.



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