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5 favorite things

Thanks for joining me for another 5 fave things post!

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1. Using The Ordinary's anti-aging regimen. This brand is high quality and fairly priced and found at Sephora and Ulta. I have been using Buffet, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Rose Hip Seed Oil in combination with my FRE cleanser and serum and have already noticed brighter, clearer skin in the past week or so. Check out their regimen guide to custom make one for your skin's needs! If there is one thing I will exit this quarantine with, is great skin! 

2. Amazon find! If you are like me, searching for a bathing suit is a struggleeeeeee each year. I want bottoms that are high waisted but not too high, high leg but not too high, and just a touch of cheeky - but not too much. Somehow this Amazon bikini fits me really well and I feel confident in it. It's also a great price and comes in a bunch of colors - I originally bought in black but I just bought the grey and pink to try next! If you find something that fits you well - order multiple. #facts

3.  These American Eagle joggers and bralette. This combo is so cozy cute for hanging at home. I bought these back in the beginning of quarantine and I'm glad I did.The joggers are on trend and are comfy, I have them in size M. I also struggle with finding cute bralettes that are also supportive, and I found it in this one! Also we love a sale!

4.Dark Chocolate Pineapple Dippers.  Found them at my local grocery store and snagged them. I've been a little too into ice cream lately and these are a healthier swap that satisfies my sweet tooth. 

5.This remix of a throwback Rihanna song.  Well, is a 2013 song a throwback? Since 2020 has simultaneously lasted 3 years and also 2 weeks I am calling anything pre-2015 a throwback at this point. Play it loud close your eyes and dance it out for 4 minutes,  it's self care.


Hey girl , hey!

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