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Transitioning to your fall wardrobe

Read along to learn how to use your summer clothes for cute layered fall outfits.

The weather is starting to change to crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and 7pm sunsets here in Boston and that means it's layering season! Here are some of my top tips to transition your summer wardrobe into fall using closet staples you already have.

  • Style your summer dresses with a favorite light jacket and closed toe shoes. I'm so excited to break out this well loved leather jacket I bought when I was studying abroad in Florence.

  • Layer a sweater over a cute top with a mini skirt to easily transition from a cool morning to a warm afternoon! I love this little silk skort from Abercrombie - it's one of my most recent wardrobe investments and I've already gotten a lot of wear out of it!

  • White outfits don't have to end after Labor Day 😤. Maybe it's because I'm in my ~bridal szn~ but you can expect white outfits from me all seasons of the year. I love this classic shirtdress I rented from Nuuly . Definitely a closet staple that can be dressed up or down and worn for years to come!

  • Rent trendier pieces to explore fashion in a way that is gentler on the planet and your wallet. I love Nuuly because I get to try fun jackets, sundresses, tops and more without the commitment. I've been renting for over a year and I love it! Learn more (and get a little discount) here: !


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