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Leggings Guide: 2021

Hi fam, some of the links below are affiliate links via my page. I earn a small commission if you buy through my link. If you like what I post, I would appreciate it if you shopped through it! Thank you! 💛

  • MOST SUSTAINABLE: girlfriend collective. No only does this brand blow all the others out of the water with their sustainability practices, but they are also very size inclusive and pull from their customer base for their marketing. So, on all their ads you see real people modeling their products which I think we all love. Also, my first pair I bought while I was still living with my parents after I graduated college in 2014 and I still wear them. Quality on point. I will say they are not as stretchy as other pairs I own and I don’t reach for them as often as others for that reason. I wear a medium in these.

  • OLD FAITHFUL: lululemon “Wunder Train” leggings. These are one of the first nice pairs of leggings I invested in - they’re not too thick, not too thin, have a nice thick waistband, breathable and moisture wicking, flattering, perfect rise, and fully spin approved. I wear a size 8.

  • SMALL BIZ SUPPORT: Booty By Brabants has taken the Boston group fitness scene by storm. If you haven’t heard of the name you’ve probably seen them around, they have a trademark texture to them. Available in one size fits most and a new Curvy line as well, these are a great option to give as a gift without having to guess sizing.

  • DRESS UP DRESS DOWN: Carbon38 Takara leggings. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know this one was coming . C38’s signature Takara leggings have a leather like look while also being super stretchy, flattering, and 100% spin approved. You can also wear them with booties and a sweater for a cute afternoon outfit. Unlike the other leggings I own, these have a thick waist band. I like the high waist style because it really cinches my waist to accentuate my figure. Another female founded business, Carbon38 also encourages community over competition, recruiting fitness professionals as ambassadors and organizes monthly networking meetups. I’ve been an ambassador for two years and I’ve met some really great friends through it. PS: you can use my discount code MEREDITHDOTY to save some $$ off your order. I wear a size medium.

  • ON TREND: Balance Athletica. Great, on-trend, quality pieces and super size inclusive. I will say the waist band comes high on me and rolls down a ton, but not enough for me to not reach for them. I also love their sports bra designs. They release their items in curated "drops, but warning - they sell out fast so be quick!

  • FOR GETTING COMFY ON SUNDAY: Lululemon Align leggings are where it’s at. Yeah, they tend to pill where my thighs rub together but I bought a depiller from Amazon to fix that. Comfy, cozy, flattering with a little compression so you feel smoothed out- I reach for these weekly. I wear a size 8 in these.

  • Best on a BUDGET: Colorfulkoala Leggings on Amazon. Made popular on TikTok as a Lululemon Align dupe!!

  • When you want COMPRESSION: sometimes you just wanna be sucked in, ya know? My favorite used to be from Victoria’s Secret but they discontinued them! Second runner up here is Croco Skin leggings by Booty By Brabants (mentioned above).

  • Feeling festive? Checkout Goldsheep. I don’t know a ton about this brand but this is instructors’ go to brand if you’re sticking to a theme. Peep leggings? Got them. Champagne bottles? Yup. Lobsters? For sure. You name it, they probably have a pair with them.

  • You just want to be BOUJEE? You may think lululemon is the top when it comes to expensive leggings, but honey unfortunately that is not true. Ultracor has very fancy leggings that are custom made how you prefer them. If you want to find leggings $200+ for fun - look here.

  • SENSUAL leggings: Adam Selman Sport French Cut leggings. I purchased the most from this brand in 2021. The fabric is almost like mg Lululemon Wunder Train leggings, thin but compressive. These have a thin elastic waistband and really skim and accentuate my curves- in a good way.



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