announcing: sweating shirtless

Join me as I virtually sit down with some of my inspiring, creative, intelligent, and honest friends to unpack their world through a body confident and inclusive lens. You can find Sweating Shirtless on YouTube, Spotify, and wherever you normally listen to your podcasts 🤩🥳 The name Sweating Shirtless is inspired by the first time I worked out in just a sports bra. It was almost like a small mini protest where I took control over my body and showed up as I am. After years of being bullied over my body in my youth and growing up in a time with Facebook and Instagram and iPhones where we constantly see advertisements of perfect bodies, I knew I didn’t fit society’s beauty and body standards. But that day I said fuck it. And from that day forward I say fuck it! It’s not always easy and I certainly don’t always feel confident but choosing to go shirtless that day was an incredible act of self courage. It serves as a reminder that I can do amazing things by showing up just as I am ✨ #bodypositive #bodypositivepodcast #bodypositiveblogger #bodypositivefitness #bodyconfidentblogger