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What is Cognitive Distortion & How You can combat it!

Have you ever heard the term “cognitive distortion”?⁠

A cognitive distortion is an exaggerated or irrational thought pattern that causes you to perceive reality inaccurately. (thank you Wikipedia)⁠

Example: you looking at the mirror and thinking you’re [insert negative/critical thought here].⁠

“I’m unattractive”⁠

“I’m going to be single forever”⁠

“I’m not smart”⁠

The best way to combat these thoughts is to challenge them.⁠

Why do you think you’re unattractive?⁠

- Because I don’t have X⁠

Why do I think attractive people have X?⁠

- Social media⁠

Why do I care about what social media tells me?⁠

- ....⁠

I’ve been practicing being more mindful of my thoughts. Noticing when they come along and either letting them pass without bothering me or challenging them. ⁠

What’s been working? Meditation, setting boundaries with screen time, and muting accounts that don’t serve me.⁠

✨ you have a choice about what you think about⁠

✨ your fears are not facts⁠



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