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what are the 5 love languages

Learning the 5 love languages changed my life.⁠⁠


Dramatic? Maybe. The truth? 💯.⁠⁠

It’s a long caption but a good one. Stay with me for 60 seconds.


The 5 Love Languages are:⁠⁠


💛 Words of Affirmation (Compliments, encouraging words, love letters.)⁠⁠

💛 Acts of Service (Doing chores without asking, running errands on their behalf.)⁠⁠

💛 Receiving Gifts (Thoughtful presents and unexpected treats.)⁠⁠

💛 Quality Time (Making an effort to be together, alone, doing something meaningful.)⁠⁠

💛 Physical Touch (Snuggling on the couch, holding hands, hugs each day.)⁠⁠


In the past, I felt like all my relationships were *missing* something, and I don't just mean the romantic ones, but my relationships with my friends, family, and myself. I was looking for answers on what love is and how much someone cared for me, wondering how to know for SURE.⁠⁠


Once I learned that expressing love isn't always verbal, I started realizing all the small ways people in my life showed they cared. A handwritten card mailed during the holidays. Planning a lunch together to catch up. A really good hug (I miss those!). Doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.⁠ Taking time to check-in and say hi.⁠


Now what took it to the next level is when I learned to apply this knowledge in how I gave myself love. Bubble baths and buying another pair of leggings just wasn't filling the void I felt.⁠

I realized that to me self care has less to do with giving myself gifts and chillin with bubbles and more to do with how I feel loved: acts of service and physical touch. Things like delegating tasks, decluttering, an appointment with my therapist and working out, doing my full skincare routine, and my warm slippers fill my cup.⁠

If you’re struggling to figure out what self-care is, don’t look at what your favorite influencer is doing. Look inwards, find what makes you feel loved, and do things that fit into that category!⁠

You’ll be on your way to the best self-love routine of your life. 💛



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