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So your studio is doing a photo shoot soon and you aren't feeling 💯

Here are some of my tips for when I'm not feeling too hot but want to make sure I look hot.

One fun perk of being in professional fitness (at least to me) is the photo shoots! Lots of great quality photos of yourself looking fierce as hell. However, sometimes one creeps up on you and you aren't feeling your best.

First of all, know you look hot as hell always. That being said I understand the feeling. Here are some tips I have to help you go in feeling confident and ready to slay the game.

  1. Don't shop for something new. Wear something you have taken photos in in the past and have really liked the outcome. Whatever it may be, if you felt confident in it in the past, you'll feel confident again. Channel that past self confidence!

  2. Keep your makeup simple. I have fallen into the trap of trying to overcompensate by going ham on makeup. If you don't typically wear a lot of makeup, just go with how you do your makeup regularly.

  3. Bring layers. A jacket or two, a shirt, different shoes. This way after you take some pics you can change up your look. You may not like how the photos came out with one outfit, but you may like them with something slightly different! Also you will have variety to choose from when you get the photos back.

  4. Google some poses you want to hit during the shoot and have them in the back of your mind, or screenshot and keep on your phone for quick reference! I have a Pinterest board that acts like my "pose library" that I can refer to when I'm feeling stuck. It helps to fill this library with people who look similar to you. Also, TikTok is FULL of influencers with photo tips. Get on there.

  5. Create a photo album on your phone of photos you look great in!

  6. Put a playlist together that makes you feel bad ass.

  7. Get a good nights sleep before, wake up early, get a workout in in the morning before you go. It will put you in the right mindset to slay! #photoshoottips #confidencehacks #fitnessinstructortips



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