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one for all the crazy pet parents out there...

2020 is basically cancelled but to lighten the mood briefly here are all the names my puppy responds to:

- Gryff

- Gryffin

- Gryffy

- Gryffindor

- Gryffalin

- Little Griffy

- Gryffypoo

- Gryffalyff

- Who’s cute?!?!

Sometimes when we come home from being out we enter the house saying “IS THERE A PUPPY IN HERE?!?!” And he goes wild with whole butt tail wags 😭💛.


has some pretty sweet T H E M E S O N G S:

- to the tune of New Girl’s theme song: Who’s that puuupppp.... it’s gryff!

- to the tune of that song you sing with “na na na na na na” when you’re taunting someone as a kid but as: Gryffy Gryffy Gryffyyy

- To the cha cha (especially when we’re on our night walk aka his favorite walk): Gryffy Gryffy Gryffyyy!!! (similar to above but it’s all about body language) (also used when he’s laying in bed with us and we move his little paws around to the beat)

- We also sing “shake your bootyyy, shake your bootyyy!” when on our walks sometimes when his butt is extra wiggly 😂💛

Anyone else as crazy as we are? 🤪 I’m curious, what’s the funniest/cutest/favorite name you have for your pet?


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