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my sh*t doesn't fit me anymore...

Dave is the sweetest person in the world.

The other night at the end of the work day he surprised me with a Date Night. He dressed up in nice pants, shoes, and a button down and announced we were making a special dinner. I mean. How lucky am I guys??

So I closed out my work for the day and picked out an outfit to wear ... something that didn't include leggings and a sports bra for once.

I pulled out this skirt I love and I wore to a Tyga concert I went to just in February with my friend Fatima:

Well I pulled on the skirt and fam, it was way too tight for comfort. Granted, it has ZERO stretch and the waistband was always a little tight. But yeah, it wasn't happening.

I let myself be sad for a moment. I mean, it sucks. We've all been there. But you know what? I took it off, said "I'll see you soon, skirt", and chose a dress that's a little flowy-er and comfortable for me right now.

It's normal for our bodies to change when we've gone through a MAJOR lifestyle shift. Just because things change doesn't mean they always will be this way. I know I will be able to wear my skirt comfortably again. Until then. I'm going to choose clothes that fit me well and don't make me uncomfortable, and I'm going to do my best to not be too hard on myself for it.

Have you noticed changes in your body lately? In how you feel in your clothes? Next time it happens pay close attention to what thoughts are running through your head. Are you bullying yourself? Are you honing in and criticizing all your "faults"?

Before you go down a spiral of body-hate, think about what you would say to a friend who came to you with the same experience. How would you talk to them?

Let your inner monologue start sounding less like an accusation squad and more like a caring friend.



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