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imposter syndrome - It's What You think you are not that holds you back

It’s what you think you are NOT that holds you back.

If you haven’t had a healthy dose of impostor syndrome in your life then good for you, you’re truly special 🤣

The feelings of, “someone is more qualified than me so I should stop trying”

“I’m not that good.. I don’t want to be rejected”

“I’m past my prime”

“I don’t look/act/speak the part”

“I’m not their type”

guess what? These are all lies you are telling yourself because you’re afraid to get hurt.

I don’t know about you, but looking back on my life and realizing I missed an opportunity because I couldn’t get out of my own way will hurt WAY more than the possibility of a little rejection.

Do you want to know my little trick for getting over impostor syndrome?

I just channel my inner badass. My inner boss. My inner I’M THAT BITCH. It’s not cocky, but confident.

Your homework? Try this out next time you’re feeling intimidated. What would the most badass version of you do? Then do that. #boom



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