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We’ve been seeing more and more brands exclaim they are inclusive and support diversity but when it comes to their #plussize line, there are tons of fit issues.⁠⁠


This could mean that the brand is just throwing together the larger sizes without truly taking in customer feedback or using real models to work on the best fit.⁠⁠


✨ a brand can't just keep adding inches to the measurements they have always used and call that inclusive sizing ✨ ⁠⁠


I'll tell you why this doesn't work.⁠⁠


When designing clothes a brand will bring in a fit model, typically a size 8, to fit their clothes too. From there they will reduce and expand the measurements of the neckline, sleeve length, waist size, inseam, etc proportionately to make their other sizes.⁠⁠


In order to get the perfect fit, particularly in plus sizes, extra fabric isn't required everywhere. As our bodies get larger, our limbs don’t get longer.⁠⁠


The more I research inclusive sizing, the more I wonder how brands can be so lazy about this. How can there be so many oversights? Are they really that busy that they can't spend an extra few hours figuring out the fit so all of their customers feel confident in their clothes? I just don't get it.⁠⁠

I hope this was helpful! Do you shop with inclusivity in mind, or have you never thought of it before? Judgment-free zone, I’m curious!⁠⁠



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