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How to deal with life changes

If you told my 19-year-old self what my 29-year-old self is up to career-wise, she would be like 😱 what the hell happened?!⁠

Everything I do now is a massive departure from what I had envisioned.⁠

When things don’t go to plan (which, hello, has been all of 2020 and 2021) we need skills on how to pivot and cope.⁠

Other examples of life throwing you a curveball could be:⁠

- you get to college and realize you actually hate what you chose as your major⁠

- a long term relationship ended unexpectedly⁠

- you never got the promotion you wanted, or you want to change career paths⁠

I’ve experienced all of these in one form of another over the past 10 or so years 🙋‍♀️⁠

My top tip when life throws something like this is to just have an open mind. It may not necessarily be a bad thing, it’s just not my original plan.⁠

Having confidence in yourself that no matter what, you’ll get yourself through it WILL get yourself through it!⁠

I’m beyond grateful for how my life has shaken out, even if it’s a 180 from how I thought. More on that for another post... but if you’re facing life changes or debating on making one, go for it. Follow your gut and trust yourself ✨


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