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Fitness Instructor tea...

Here’s some fitness instructor tea.⁠


If you want to be one because:⁠

- you're getting paid to workout⁠⁠

- you get a stage & audience⁠⁠

- you get some perks: maybe sponsorships. maybe free leggings, nutritional supplements, whatever⁠⁠

- free workouts⁠⁠

- it feels cool, like you're the best, like you’re admired by others, you think you’ll get more likes on your instagram.... etc.⁠⁠

You don’t deserve it. ⁠


If you want to:⁠⁠

- help someone change their mindset about fitness⁠⁠

- help someone get through a shitty day⁠⁠

- help someone accomplish a fitness goal⁠⁠

- help someone improve their mental health⁠⁠

- help someone feel seen, heard, valued⁠⁠

- help motivate someone to do something they didn't think was possible⁠⁠


Take that & r u n with it!⁠

It’s not about what your studio can do for you. It’s what you can do for your clients. What value can you bring?⁠


get the idea?⁠⁠


Hey girl , hey!

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