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5 favorite things

Thank you for joining me for another Favorite Things post!

  1. The return of... the GOAT fall/winter candle. I got this candle last year and it launched a full blown candle obsession. Once I finished it I immediately went to buy it again but it is only sold seasonally. I'm not lying to you that even amongst all the candles I've bought in the last year (that's a lot) this still is the best, It's the perfect hint of Christmas with a little pine and fir needles. It will transform your home into a warm and cozy haven. My friends are now hooked on it and I've just bought two for myself. Just do yourself a favor and get it!

  2. Playing with ... ClueKeeper: a platform for creating and playing location based clue hunts. AKA a scavenger hunt app! I used this to create a hunt for Dave's birthday this past weekend and it was a hit! It was pretty simple to set up and worked really well. Definitely a fun and creative activity to put together.

  3. Shopping... Girlfriend Collective leggings. This brand is seriously SOO good - their leggings are really high quality, comfy, eco-friendly, and one of the most inclusive brands out there. We STAN. PS this link gives you $10 your first pair.

4. My new favorite self tanning lotion: Lux Unfiltered. Hydrating, even color, easy to use. I was a firm believer in self tan foam before my friend Meg showed me this and I haven't looked back!

5. Bringing it back... Fujifilm Instax Camera. I used this little guy to document Dave's whole birthday this past weekend and put all of the photos in a cute little album to remember the day by. I love the vintage, candid feel to the photos, it creates such a fun memory!



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