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5 favorite things

It's SEPTEMBER can you actually believe it!

1. Finding intention with... Wake Up Within Monday’s. A 10 minute meditation and 15 minute yoga flow held every Monday at 8:30am EST on IG Live! A great way to stay grounded in this quickly shifting world. Find it on my friend @namaste_kait's IG or check out past weeks on her YouTube channel!

2. Snuggling up with... Easy Street Tunic from Free People. This is that perfect slouchy but well made sweater for transitioning into fall. Dress it up, dress it down, skip your bra, wear your lingerie underneath it... it does it all folks. I currently have it in black and this pretty blue color. PS I totally found both on Poshmark for a steal.

3. Using... this incredibly useful expense tracker: that YES I found on TikTok! A free, easy to use way to get in control of your expenses and budget. Setting it up is the easy part... the challenge is keeping up with it. You got this.

4. Thinking about... the cycle of body checking. "Body checking is an obsessive thought or behavior that is centered around one's body. It can feel uncontrollable, and often occurs multiple times throughout the day." Scroll through the images below for examples of body checking and how to break the cycle. This was me for a longgg time, constantly weighing, measuring, and focusing on parts of my body in the mirror. You are not alone if you are in this cycle! @the_selfcare_rd

5. LITERALLY OBSESSED with my new spice jars!

Is your spice cabinet/drawer the island of misplaced spices like mine was? Tons of different sizes and shaped jars, lots of different spices, not quite sure what is in the back and too lazy to go figure it out? Same. I decided to use some of our counter space and bring them out of hiding and organize them. I got the jars from Amazon, they have shaker lids and even come with a funnel. The labels I purchased on Etsy! Here are a few shop options: - JasmineMichelleCo

Lastly, I got this clear stand from Amazon to give them all a home. This is definitely something that sparked a whole lotta joy for me this week! If you try anything from above out- let me know!

xo Mer


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