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5 favorite things

Thanks for joining me for another Favorite Things post, fam!

1. Obsessed with... the right to vote. 74 days until the 2020 Presidential election - are you ready? Are you registered to vote? Have you registered to vote by mail? Track your mail in ballot here Do you have other questions about voting?

2. Sweating with... CDP Fitness! Your access to amazing Lagree and Barre Fusion classes (plus major legging inspo) is only a few clicks away.

3. Re-reading Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss - Learn how to negotiate like a boss from former international hostage negotiator for the FBI. I originally read this book for career development but I apply the lessons learned in every day life, all👏the👏time👏 4. Listening to ... WAP. 1,000% NSFW, lyrics may make you blush, but you cannot deny - it's a bop. 🎶

5. Exploring with Paddle Boston! Dave and I rented Kayaks Sunday morning and had a fun morning paddling around the Charles river and went over to the Esplanade. Pro tip: make sure you book a week in advance for weekends.


Hey girl , hey!

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