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5 Favorite things

Another 5 fave things comin atcha on this hot summer day!

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1. Currently loving Detox Me mask from FRÉ. I feel like my regular cleanser isn't enough to clear my skin from these long sweaty days so I've been reaching for this mask a few nights a week. It has a gentle exfoliant along with Argan oil. If you've been following along you know I am now in a full on love affair with FRÉs products. They actually just released a pure Argan Oil which apparently is great for hydrating skin and hair, preventing fine lines, and keeping your nails healthy. If you try it out, let me know! Code MERDOTY saves you $$.

2. Buying multiple of WVVY ruffle sports bra. I try to avoid a lot of cleavage in my sports bras as I typically teach and workout without a top, but I don't always want to wear a high neck bra. This is a great option for me! Plus the ruffle detail is cute and adds a little girly element I like. If you are new to wearing just a sports bra, pair this with a high waist legging to just show a little bit of skin. It also has a zip front so you don't have a wresting match with yourself to get it off after your workout!

3. Eating Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo with Avocado Oil. I've been slapping this on a wrap with some turkey, spinach, and sundried tomato for lunch. *chef's kiss*. Pretty sure you can get this at Target!

4. Recipe goldmine @TheFlexibleDietingLifestyle! I'm always down to try a "healthier" version of foods I love, and this page has so many ideas. If you are into counting macros he breaks it all down for you, too. I really want to make the Funfetti Protein Cupcakes soon!

5. Perfect for getting back into group fitness FaceSoft Charcoal Detox Towel. I'm into bringing my own towel to spin these days to be extra safe. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, and eco friendly - yes please. It's safer for me and the planet. PS they are offering Workout With Mer fam a discount code - Meredith20!


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