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5 favorite things

Excerpt from the Workout With Mer Newsletter from May 19th!

Inspired by one of my favorite food bloggers,Half Baked Harvest,I wanted to share a few things I've been currently loving. 

1. On repeat: Love Again - by Dua Lipa. I've been playing this song while cleaning the apartment and you really can't help but dance along to it. Plus, it sneaks in a throwback sample... see if you can hear it! 

2.This faux palm plant in the cutest striped vase. I'll be honest, I'm very into ALL faux plants (I have the opposite of a green thumb) so much so that Dave has called our apartment a greenhouse. But, this one is my favorite. I broke it while playing with our puppy Gryff and I immediately went out and bought another. It is so cute, the leaves give a tropical vibe and the vase it's in is summery and classic. PLUS it's currently on sale. Win.

3.Tabinix resistance bands I've been incorporating resistance bands into myworkoutslately and the elastic band ones I have were not cutting it... actually they were cutting it, right into my legs each time I used them. I decided to invest in these and I am so glad I did. They stay put, offer a ton of resistance, and are a LOT more comfortable. Plus, I used my friends discount code (thanks Colleen!) which is a win. PS - it's "DALTON" if you were thinking of getting yourself some.

4. Using

Fre Skincare's Deep Replenishing Serum, called Revive Me - part of the 123FRÉ Starter Kit. I'll be totally transparent with you, I was gifted this set to try in exchange to share my honest opinion. However, I plan on purchasing a replacement once I've gone through what I have, ESPECIALLY the serum. The 123FRÉ Starter Kit is literally perfect to have on the go whether you're going to the gym, travelling etc (two things I cannot WAIT to be able to do again!). It's super lightweight and leaves my skin glowy and hydrated. FRÉhas generously offered code MERDOTY for 25% off for the next 48 hours to our community if you are interested in trying. I don't get anything back from you using it (except making me look good ha!), it's just a discount for you.

5. Eating...Half Baked Harvest's Layered Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits. I made these the other night and as soon as we took the first bite we were like OMG. They are so good. If you're into the flavors you have to give this a try. 



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