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3 easy ways to feel good about yourself instantly

February is notoriously the month were a lot of us get into a funk. After the rush of the holidays we jump into new year resolutions with new routines, and burn ourselves out. We are left feeling defeated, unhappy, and a failure.

If you are feeling like this you are NOT alone! My friend recently polled her Instagram followers and about 75% of 500+ responders said they were not doing great.

So what's the best and easiest way to pick ourselves up and keep moving toward the bigger picture?

Next time you're feeling blah, try these three things to trick your mind into thinking positive again:⁠

wake up and workout⁠

Movement is medicine. It's amazing how different you feel during your day when you wake up a little earlier and start your day intentionally.

get dressed⁠

I know we are living in sweats these days - I'm in a sweatshirt and leggings as I type this - but putting on a nice top or even doing some simple makeup really helps me. Even if nobody’s home and you’re not going to see anyone, when you look like crap, you usually feel like crap, too.

make a pep me up playlist⁠

Music is therapy. We all have those songs that are instant mood boosters, that take us back to a fun fond memory or just make us feel better! Compile a list of all of those songs for yourself and put it on when you need a boost. Want it done for you? Spotify has a Mood Booster playlist already done for you!

Three simple things! The truth is, when you act as if you feel good, your mind will follow.⁠

Does this help? Let me know if you're looking for more quick tips like these! 💛⁠



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